A Customizable, Complete Text Mining Solution
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The Opportunity

News about companies or sectors is an important predictor for trading activity. Financial institutions are looking for fast, cost-effective, and powerful ways to analyze large volumes of textual data to quantify the immediate and potential effects of the news on market movements. The new and unique inputs derived from real-time text mining can supplement price-data based algorithms and create a trading signal to increase competitiveness in trading environments.

The Requirements

Customers require a customizable text mining solution that allows them to write text mining rules that leverage their deep areas of trading expertise. To develop and test their new rules, they need to back test them using historical data to see if they have predictive validity on current data. When these rules mature, they must be deployed on the customer's data feeds to provide analytics in a fraction of a second. 

The Solution

Streamlogic provides a complete solution for customized text mining that enables financial institutions to develop unique analytics that drive trading decisions. Our solution gives customers the freedom to write their own powerful rules, back test them using historical data, and put them in real-time trading environments on virtually any feed. We eliminate the need for ad-hoc, in-house solutions and radically reduce the cost of infrastructure.